Understanding the Charities Bill 2021

Tuesday 6 July 2021 Half day seminar on Zoom – Ref: K411

£65 per place

or £59 if you are making multiple bookings


Our first Kubernesis seminar for some time focuses on key forthcoming changes to charity regulation in England and Wales that are now under consideration in Parliament in the new Charities Bill.  The Bill makes many changes to the Charities Act 2011 and is expected to become law as the Charities Act 2021.

This half day seminar is much more than an overview: Prof Gareth Morgan will unpack most of the main provisions in the Bill including:

  • New procedures for CIO constitutional changes
  • Changes to the operation of the charity mergers register
  • Substantial changes to the process for amending the governing documents or transfers to a CIO for unincorporated charities
  • New criteria for amending objects of existing charities
  • Powers for small ex gratia payments by charities
  • Changing rules on charity land transactions
  • Working names of charities – new framework
  • Amendments to rules on trustee benefits.


This seminar will take place online 10.00-12.30 (with a short mid-way break) in Zoom meeting format (not as a webinar) and is limited to 14 participants plus speaker to allow ample scope for questions and discussion.  For booking conditions, please see our main Seminars page.

To check availability or for further information, please call 01368 864582 or e-mail training@kubernesis.co.uk

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