Benefits of joining KCAS – for charity staff and trustees

Benefits of joining KCAS – for professional advisers

  • Reduce sleepless nights, as you have access to accurate, up-to-date information on charity accounting and tax issues
  • Avoid unnecessary costs with your auditors or independent examiner at year end
  • Gain technical knowledge on specialist issues so you are confident to advise others in your charity
  • Save time, getting simple answers from Kubernesis when needed – rather than ploughing through legislation
  • Peace of mind that the charity is complying with the law and that trustees are following the requirements of regulators (Charity Commission or OSCR)
  • Confidence that the trustees are acting properly in complex situations – for example ensuring correct procedures are followed in cases where a charity needs to pay a trustee
  • A ‘way out’ when problems have already arisen, e.g. we can often advise on the way forward if a charity has done something wrong. The resignation of the trustee isn’t necessary the only option.
  • Improved governance, providing advice on charity law which tackle disagreements between trustees and members.
  • Our e-bulletins will aim to raise issues you need to consider before they arise.    Join Online Now or to pay by cheque, download the form KCAS for Charities.

The Kubernesis Charity Advice Service enables you as a professional adviser to gain understanding of the complex law and financial regulations of charities, without costing you a fortune.  You may well be the only person in your firm dealing with charities – we can offer a “sounding board” or second opinion on charity-specific issues.Because we steer you through the complex and ever changing issues of charity finance and law, you can put your time and resources where they really matter; with your clients.


  • Access to an experienced charity professional who can offer up-to-date advice on charity law and charity accounting at a fraction of the cost it would be to refer to specialist firms
  • Have access to a second opinion without having to go to your professional body, who are unlikely to be geared up to deal with highly specific questions regarding the charity sector
  • Gives you the tools to offer your charity clients solutions and thus improve your reputation with your clients
  • Enables you to ask ‘silly’ questions avoiding showing your ignorance to your clients on specific charity issues, again, improving your reputation and potentially gaining future charity clients
  • Saves you time – getting a succinct answer from Kubernesis rather than wading through legislation
  • Get definitive answers, there are many myths in the charity sector about what you can and cannot do – Kubernesis always explains the issues, with direct references to legislation where needed.   Join Online Now or to pay by cheque download the form KCAS for Professional Advisers.



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