The Kubernesis Charity Advice Service – What is it?

“We have been given some money for an event that’s not until next year. How should we show this in our accounts?” This is an example of the range of questions which KCAS can answer.  The Kubernesis Charity Advice Service (KCAS) provides:

  • A quick and economical way of getting short answers by e-mail or telephone from a charity expert (all queries go direct to Dr Gareth Morgan at a special e-mail address)
  • A detailed Kubernesis Charity Bulletin – with each article sent as a separate PDF by e-mail when important issues arise – e.g. following major Government announcements such as the Budget and changes in charity law and accounting rules.


We offer two versions of KCAS: one for charities who wish to have direct access to our help (£180/year), and one for professional advisers working with a range of charities (£320/year).  See the next page for how you and your organisation can benefit from the service or click here to join immediately. Discounts are offered on subsequent renewals (or if you join at the same time as a booking on a Kubernesis seminar – see below).

Most of those who subscribe to KCAS have attended Kubernesis seminars or are consultancy clients, but we can also offer membership of KCAS to others who would find it relevant.  Membership of KCAS is in the name of the charity or the professional firm, but we do ask for a named contact and queries should normally be submitted via that person.


How does it work?

Once you have joined the service, we will send you the relevant contact details.  “I know one of our supporters is a tax payer, but she never completes the gift aid form I send. How can I get a gift aid declaration by telephone?” Most queries, like this example,  are submitted by e-mail although please feel free to call if you would like to fix a time to speak to Gareth Morgan by telephone.  Please note the following points:

  • This is not an ‘instant answer’ service: in general the response time will be 24-48 hours but could be longer at holidays etc.
  • KCAS is intended to deal with short queries (roughly defined as questions which can be answered in a couple of paragraphs in an e-mail or 5-10 mins in a telephone conversation).
  • Answers under KCAS will only address the specific issues you raise, so we may not know the full background: it is not a substitute for full professional advice in a complex situation.  (However, where an issue is too complex to deal with under KCAS, we will always explain the main principles and you will then have the option of using our Consultancy Service if you wish us to take the issue further.)
  • Please bear in mind that we are not a firm of solicitors nor chartered accountants: however, The Kubernesis Partnership LLP is a firm of charity consultants with many years experience of advising charities on accounting and regulatory issues.  (Many of those who use our services are professionals in their own fields, who use our assistance to provide charity-specific backup to their own expertise.)


Click here for further details of what KCAS offers for charities and their advisers.


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