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Standing beside charities with small grants to make a big difference

Registered charity in England and Wales no 1155665

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The Paristamen CIO
36 Acomb Wood Drive, York YO24 2XN
Tel: 01904 788885
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The Paristamen CIO is a small Yorkshire-based grantmaking charity.   (The charity was  founded in 1985 as The Paristamen Foundation, and converted to become a charitable incorporated organisation, The Paristamen CIO, in 2014.)

The name Paristamen comes from the Bible (New Testament GreekParistamen): it means "We stand beside".  It comes from Romans 16:2 where Paul asks the readers of his letter to stand beside Deacon Phoebe and (by implication) to provide her with financial support.  Although we are only a small grantmaking charity, we seek to stand beside a wide range of charitable organisations to support their work.

Update: Increased grantmaking from 2015

The trustees have been notified of a generous legacy to Paristamen, the first instalment of which has now been received.

The trustees have held an awayday to consider the use of this, and it has been agreed to allocate the legacy funds for additional grantmaking over a five year period.  This will allow us to increase slightly the grants available under our Planned and Reponsive grantmaking programmes (see below) - in particular the normal grant under each of those programmes will increase to £500 (rather than £200-£300).

In 2015 we will also be launching some new grantmaking programmes in specific fields - these are still being finalised: details will be published in March 2015.

Structure and Objects

The charitable objects of the The Paristamen CIO are

  1. The advancement of the Christian faith

  2. Any other charitable purpose not inconsistent with (1).

This means we can potentially support almost any type of charitable work, but see below for our priorities.  For financial details, please see The Paristamen CIO entry on the Register of Charities maintained by the Charity Commission (and search under our registered charity number 1155665 - although the first accounts of the CIO will only be filed in mid-2015). The charity does not have a permanent endowment, but makes grants from donations received.  At present the charity has only a small number of donors and a recent legacy has increased our resources - but we are pleased to receive other donations which would enable us to extend our grant-making activity.  We are members of the FundRaising Standards Board and follow the FRSB criteria in terms of donations received.

We are also active members of the Association of Charitable Foundations and are active in the Yorkshire Grant Makers' Forum.


Our objects cover most areas of charitable activity and we support national charities and local organisations in the Yorkshire region. Please note that we only make grants to organisations (not to individuals). We do not fund local organisations outside Yorkshire nor do we fund building projects of any kind. For more details of grant-making policy, please see below.


Mr Pete Gorbert
Prof Gareth Morgan  (Chair)
Mrs Sharon Morgan (Administrative Trustee)


All major decisions including awards of grants are taken by the three trustees, with day to day administration handled on a voluntary basis by Sharon Morgan who acts as administrative trustee.  Trustees meetings for making decisions on grants are held three times a year, with occasional additional meetings for special purposes.

Grant Making Policies

We currently have two grant-making programmes: (1) Planned Grants, (2) Responsive Grants. Any new applications need to be made under the (2) - the Responsive programme.

From 2015, we expect that grants under either of these programmes will generally be £500 each.  In considering an application to us, it is worth thinking how an unrestricted grant of £500 could allow your charity to do more than at present.

1. Planned Grant Making

Approximately 35% of our funds are committed to our Planned Grant-Making programme - through this we make contributions to national charities which the trustees have decided, as a matter of policy, to support on a long term basis.  This list is reviewed each year at the February trustees meeting, and new organisations may be added – but only on the basis of trustees’ personal recommendations. It follows, that any new applications need to be made to the Responsive Programme.

2. Responsive Grant Making

The Trustees criteria in relation to new grant applications are as follows:

This does not mean we exclude any applications involving such work - but if you decide to apply to us for work which involves any of these areas, ensure that the actual aims of your work are clear.

We are more interested in the organisation than the project, and in the final stages of choosing which charities to support, we place considerable attention on the organisation's charity accounts in terms of conformity to charity law and indication of a well-managed organisation.

Our grants are normally made on an unrestricted basis.  We may occasionally support specific projects (there are a few examples below) but in general, where we are happy with the organisation's work, we do not want to force you to set up restricted funds for the modest amounts we can offer.  We believe that in most cases your trustees are in the best position to decide how best to use any contribution from us.

Re-applications.  If you have already received a grant under the Responsive programme, or if you have applied and were unsuccessful, we will consider re-applications to the Responsive programme only if more than 12 months has elapsed since the outcome of any previous application.  The outcome date is the date of the trustees meeting at which your application was considered - this is made clear on our acknowledgement letter.  (The need to wait 12 months since the outcome of any previous application means you will typically need to allow around 15 months from the date you originally applied.)

How to Apply (Applications for responsive grants)

We do not have an application form – just send a short letter explaining what your organisation does and how a grant from us might help and enclose your latest Annual Report and Accounts (full version - see our page on submitting your accounts).

Please remember that for all applications, our main interest is in your organisation as a whole rather than the details of a specific project.

All applications (apart from obvious circulars) are acknowledged - either with an immediate rejection if outside our criteria, or with an indication that the application will be considered at the next Trustees' meeting.

Although we do not acknowledge circular appeals, we are very happy to receive them and will consider them at the next trustees meeting if they are within our criteria: we do not wish to force those seeking funds into preparing detailed individual applications for the small levels of grants that we can provide.

Applications should be sent to:

Mrs Sharon Morgan (Trustee)
The Paristamen CIO
36 Acomb Wood Drive
York YO24 2XN

If you have a query you are welcome to call (01904 788885) or e-mail ( – but please note that we do not accept applications by e-mail – they must be sent by post.  Please be sure to affix the correct postage when sending applications, especially if you are enclosing documents such as accounts.  If we get notice of items for Paristamen Foundation which are under-stamped, we do not pay the excess postage so your application will never reach us!

Trustees meetings are held twice a year towards the end of August and February, with decisions notified around the middle of the following month (September or March).  If your application is complete in all respects, including your Annual Report and Accounts, we can normally accept applications up the 1st of August or 1st of February.  However, it is worth applying earlier if possible, to allow enough time for a preliminary consideration of your application so we can get back to you if we need further information.

Examples of Recent Grants

The following are examples of grants made by The Paristamen Foundation in recent years.  The trustees of The Paristamen CIO would expect to continue making similar grants, although as explained above, from 2015 we anticipate that our normal grant size will increase to £500.

Planned Grant-Making Programme

  • £300 to Amnesty International Charitable Trust

  • £300 to British Youth for Christ

  • £300 to MIND (national mental health charity)

  • £300 to Missio (Pontifical Mission Societies)

  • £300 to Oxfam

  • £300 to TEAR Fund

(Please note that even with organisations in this programme which we support regularly, the amounts can vary from year to year depending on funds available at the time.)


Responsive Grant-Making Programme

Responsive grants to local organisations in Yorkshire:

  • Crisis Pregnancy Centre, Hull: £100
  • Exodus Project, Barnsley: £200
  • Furniture Store, Sheffield (part of St Vincent de Paul Society): £200
  • Hand to Mouth Ministries, Huddersfield: £300
  • Herriott Hospice Homecare, Northallerton: £250
  • St Christopher's Youth Project, Bradford (part of Tong PCC): £300
  • York Polish Organisation: £175
  • Wombwell Schools Project £200
  • SideWalk UK (for Kidz Club in Sheffield) £175
  • PCC of St Thomas with St Maurice York (for outdoor equipment) £175

Responsive grants to national organisations (note: a number of these grants were made prior to our current policy of limiting Responsive Grants to organisations below £1M income - we will add more recent examples in due course)

  • Association of Wheelchair Children: £250
  • Challenging Behaviour Foundation: £200
  • Church Pastoral Aid Society: £175
  • Medical Foundation for the Care of Victims of Torture: £200
  • Prisoners Advice Service: £200
  • Shelter: £175
  • The Mission to Seafarers: £300
  • Deafblind UK £200