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Update: Spring 2019

I am delighted to report that Oinoudidasko is now successfully relocated to Dunbar, Scotland (in East Lothian, not far from Edinburgh).  I have presented events in Edinburgh in the past (travelling up from York) but now it is great to be nearby!  So  I am now pleased to accept invitations to present events anywhere across Edinburgh and the Lothians.

Also, I am pleased to confirm that with the UK (and Scotland, in particular) still in the EU, the possible closure of Oinoudidasko at March 2019 has been postponed.  So I remain available to accept bookings for wine events of all kinds!

Oinoudidasko Wine Consultants: Background

The name Oinoudidasko comes from the Greek and just means "I learn of wine".   Gareth Morgan's passion is to create greater knowledge and awareness about wine: to de-mystify wines - so they no longer seem like Greek!  But if the full name is hard to say, then  "Oinou" is fine - that's the new web address: www.oinou.co.uk

Gareth's approach is always interesting and lively, and allows people to make informed choices about the wines they will consume in the future.  We do not sell wine - so his opinions of wines are always independent.

Gareth holds the Diploma (with honours) of the Wine & Spirit Education Trust, and he is full member of the Association of Wine Educators which sets the highest standards for those involved in wine education.  He is also a Prud'homme of the Jurade de St Émilion - France's oldest wine order and is an official Burgundy Wines Educator (one of only around six people in the UK holding this accreditation).  He has also worked actively with wine producers in the UK.

Events from Oinoudidasko can range from introductory wine tastings for those who want to find their way around the huge array of wines on sale to advanced events for those with extensive wine knowledge which wish to learn more about particular regions and specialist presentations for those in the hotel and restaurant trade.    We always include relevant handouts.

Tutored Wine Presentations - for External Groups

Most of the events Gareth Morgan presents are  in response to invitations from specific groups, organisations or corporate clients who provide the venue etc (but we can also organise whole events from start to finish on the lines of our open seminars above, if a group wants a one-off seminar).  He also understake specialist trade presentations - particularly in relation to Burgundy.

Although Gareth Morgan is interested in wines from around the world, he specialises in the key wine regions of Europe - sometimes called "the Old World" and he has a particular interest in how wines change over time - some of his presentations include older vintages which are now very rare. 

For seminars and wine presentations to external groups, we offer a wide range of topics with a standard fee structure with a fixed price per head. This approach means that we take the risk on how many bottles are needed - you won't be faced with a large increase in costs for another bottle of each wine just because of a couple of extra participants.  Current topics include:

- but he is also happy to speak on most topics focusing on European wine regions.

A detailed description of all the topics with pricing for various sized groups is available on request - please email Gareth (info@oinou.co.uk) to ask for a copy.  This is updated each year with new topics.  The introductory tasting is based on six wines, but for most seminars we normally present eight wines.  The cost per head for each presentation is set in bands according to the size of the group, but, by way of example, our current prices on a fully inclusive basis range from around £8 per head for an introductory Wines of Europe seminar with 40+ participants, to £27 per head for a group of 12-15 tasting Four Decades of Bordeaux or Burgundy Grand Cru Tasting.  These figures are fully inclusive of the preparation and presentation time, the actual wines offered, travel expenses (in the Edinburgh/Lothians area), and detailed handouts for participants to retain after the event.  (Events must be covered by a licence for the sale of alcohol, but for charities and voluntary organisations using community venues, he can advise on obtaining an occasional licence.)

For more details or to make a booking, please contact Gareth Morgan as below.   But please give as much notice as possible - his diary is often committed well ahead, and - most importantly - for the more specialist presentations it can take several months to assemble all the wines required!

Private Wine Tastings for Small Groups

If you are having a special gathering with a small group of family or friends what better way to make it really special than to include a Private Wine Tasting - presented by a completely independent expert, who is not trying to sell you anything!

Any of the topics above for external tastings can also be offered for private groups of 4-10 (if more than 10 that's fine - we would treat it an an external tasting as above). Normally Gareth Morgan will present eight wines, with plenty of background information, maps etc - but giving you and your friends ample time to share your own comments, make tasting notes if you wish, and ask questions. We recommend allowing 90 minutes to 2 hours to give people ample time to discuss the wines, though shorter tastings are possible.  Any time of day is possible, but often private wine tastings work well as pre-dinner events - and, of course we will leave you with the rest of each bottle to finish if you wish!  Alternatively, Gareth will act as your sommelier, presenting the wines over the course of a meal.

Our private wine tastings usually take place in your home, but we can also do events in workplaces or elsewhere. We make a fixed fee, regardless of the number of participants, which will generally be £190-£350 in total, depending on the topic - this includes the wines themselves, the presenter, notes on the wines, loan of  proper ISO tasting glasses, napkins, dry biscuits and spittoons (just in case you don't want to drink every drop) - to make it a very smart event.  The price includes travel up to 35 miles from Dunbar (longer distances possible by arrangement).

For more details or to make a booking, please contact Gareth Morgan on 01368 864582 or e-mail mailto:info@oinoudidasko.co.uk.

Events for the Wine Trade

Gareth Morgan is also regularly involved in presenting specialist events for the wine trade - usually on behalf of generic bodies representing wines of a specific region.  For example, as an accredited Burgundy educator, in the recent years he has presented a wide range of specialist events for senior wine staff in hotels and restaurants specially on the Wines of Chablis - arranged in the UK on behaf of the  Bureau Interprofessionel des Vins de Bourgogne.

Your Own Private Sommelier

If you already have special wines which you would like prepared and presented by a specialist sommelier, just give Gareth a call!  He has experience of presenting and serving wine at very special events.  Where appropriate, especially for older wines, will arrive in good time to decant wines in advance (he can provide decanters and glasses on loan).  He even carries specialist equipment for opening old bottles with delicate corks.  He recently acted as sommelier at a prestigious private event which include five different first-growth clarets up to 25 years old!

Book: Contemporary Wine Studies: Dancing in Bacchus

Oinoudidasko is delighted to be able to offer copies of Gareth Morgan's new book, co-authored with his colleague, Richard Tresidder, exploring the place of wine in society.  It unpacks the field of wine studies, spanning the spectrum of cultural and technical issues concerning the place of wine in society from viticulture, vinification, labelling, regulation, marketing, purchasing, storage and its final consumption.

From the Foreword by Anthony Moss MW:  "This is one of those exciting, rare, wine books that open up fascinating directions and dimensions of discussion that will be new to a wider public, though they may be familiar to specialist academics.  Contemporary Wine Studies: Dancing with Bacchus does this in an engaging and accessible way. ... It is written with care and authority, cautiously separating that which can be stated with a confidence that comes from expert consensus, while elegantly nodding towards those matters where experts disagree."

It is published by Routledge, one of the world's leading publishers of authoritative texts used on university courses worldwide - but the style makes is readable for anyone interested in wine.  Available both in hardback and paperbook, the paperback edition (224 pages) can be ordered from Oinoudidasko for just £31.95 incl P&P - click here to download an order form.

Luxury Wine Tasting Days: Full Day Seminars by Oinoudidasko

From time to time Oinoudidasko offers Luxury Wine Tasting Days for groups of 8-15 people - which provide a great way to learn about a very wide range of wines in a friendly environment all in one day.  On the Oinoudidasko Wines of the World day you will find out about the different grapes and styles of wines from virtually all the world's main wine regions - by tasting your way through the entire wine list of an imaginery quality restaurant.  You will discover wine making approaches and learn tasting techniques - all supported by maps and other handouts and plenty of helpful background and guidance.  This is a full day event: 10.30-4.30, and you will get to sample 16 wines in all.  It is much more fun than signing up for weeks of wine classes, yet you really can learn a great deal in a day like this. Numbers are limited to 10-12 people to allow plenty of involvement and discussion.

The price of each Luxury Wine Tasting Day includes tea/coffee on arrival, a pub lunch, specialist but friendly explanations from Dr Gareth Morgan, extensive handouts, and samples of 16 different wines as part of the event.  At present we are not announcing dates in advance, but are fixing dates around participants, so do get in touch if your would like to attend one of these days - once we have a minimum of six people interested, we will contact all those concerned to agree a mutually convenient date.

Charity Events

As well as his wine experience, Gareth Morgan works very widely with charities of all kinds on fundraising and finance issues.  A specialist tasting with a wine expert can make a really exciting charity fundraising event.  In fact, if you choose a topic which focuses on special wines which most people would normally only drink on very special occasions, it can be a great way to attract serious donors.

We are pleased to help with such events not just by providing the specialist to present the wines, but also in terms of advising on other aspects such as choice of wines, timings, serving arrangements, literature for participants, whether to raise money mainly through ticket sales or through donations under gift aid, licensing for sale of alcohol, and similar issues.  In many cases, Dr Morgan is able to offer reduced fees for charity events.

Research Projects

Dr Gareth Morgan has experience of organising large scale wine-related research projects - for example in seeking systematic opinions from consumers on wines, possibly over an extended period of time.  He has published papers in this field and further research insights in his book as above.  For wine producers or retailers wishing to organise studies of this kind, we can offer a highly effective service.  He can also offer advice for consumers - for example on an unusual wine you have received, where you want someone to research where it is from, what grapes are likely to have been used, and when it may be ready to drink.  If you are a participant in his long-term wine research project, there is a special webpage www.oinou.co.uk/research  with further details.

Gareth Morgan's Wine Background and Experience

Dr Gareth Morgan has had a serious interest in wine for nearly two decades. He has read extremely widely in the field and given talks and presentations about wine to groups ranging from informal social wine-tasting to classes for students preparing for wine examinations.  His doctorate is in the field of organisational communication but wine has been one of his specialisations since the early 1990s, and he has been providing wine education through Oinoudidasko since 2001.

In terms of wine-specific qualifications, he holds the Diploma with Honours of the Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET). The WSET is the body that provides professional qualifications in the wine trade. The Diploma is the highest of the qualifications offered by WSET: it requires two years' study, with six hours of examinations at the end of each year, including both theory and tasting papers. Even to enter for the Diploma, candidates must hold the Advanced Certificate (which calls for detailed technical knowledge of wines from all the world's wine-producers) and only around a quarter of those who start the Diploma get through both years at the first attempt. In terms of those who complete the Diploma, only around one in ten are awarded the Diploma with Honours.  Only senior people in the wine trade are typically qualified at this level.

He is a full member of the Association of Wine Educators - the professional body for specialists in wine education.  Assessment for AWE membership is extremely rigorous: it is only open to those who hold the WSET Diploma but, in addition to this, full members of AWE must also be able to demonstrate extensive skill in speaking about wines, responding to questions, and providing lively and informative events and must normally be completely independent of any wine-selling.  He is one of only four AWE members based in Yorkshire and the North East.

He has also worked as advisory wine specialist with Ryedale Vineyards, the largest vineyard in Yorkshire, which has won many awards for its wines, providing technical input to the owners including and assistance with analysis, blending and tasting notes.

With regard to his expertise with French wines he holds recognition in both Burgundy and Bordeaux.  In 2002 he was honoured as a Prud'homme of the Jurade de St Émilion.  In 2009, following a fully examined six day course in Beaune on the wines of Burgundy (updated in 2014), he was accredited by the Bureau Interprofessionel des Vins de Bourgogne as an International Burgundy Wine Educator - one of only around six people in the UK to hold this status!

Gareth is also an Emeritus Professor of Sheffield Hallam University where he was actively involved with the Wine Studies Group at Sheffield Business School and he continues to maintain close links.  He is also extensively involved in work with charities - he has a particular interest in wine-related events for charity events and the relationships between wine and the Christian faith.

Contact Details:

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