GARETH MORGAN DipWSET – Wine-related charity events


From 2001-2020 I was working part-time as a Wine Educator – my business was known as Oinoudidasko (meaning ‘I learn of wine’).  The work began in Yorkshire and relocated in 2018 to Dunbar, Scotland. I was an active member of the Association of Wine Educators. I am also an Emeritus Professor of Sheffield Hallam University where I was active with the university’s Wine Studies Group. In December 2020 – when Scotland and the rest of the UK were taken out of EU law – I decided it was time to retire from working professionally as a wine educator.

However, I remain available to facilitate wine-themed charity events – see examples below.  In most cases, this will be on a voluntary basis, with no charges except for direct costs of wine and other materials.

Depending on the topic I may be able to supply prestigious wines from my personal cellar for such events, which will be charged to the charity only at the historic cost I paid originally.

For charities I can offer various wine-related events ranging from introductory wine tastings as part of a charity social event, through to prestige tastings for VIP guests or major donors.  I am also happy to support the organisation of wine-themed dinners. I can also offer a presentation/wine-tasting on Wine and Christianity which can be a valuable outreach event for churches.  During the coronavirus crisis, I am happy to support virtual wine events where samples are distributed in advance, and participants then share in a online tasting on Zoom.  Please get in touch to discuss possibilities (see below for contact details).

I continue to work as a charity consultant with Kubernesis, and I can also advise on the planning of charity-related wine events to help the charity maximise the funds raised if that is aim, or otherwise to use wine to promote enagagement and outreach.  A specialist tasting with a wine expert can make a really exciting charity fundraising event.  In fact, if you choose a topic which focuses on special wines which most people would normally only drink on very special occasions, it can be a great way to attract serious donors.

I am also continuing to support a Longitudinal Wine Research Project (in association with Sheffield Hallam University).

About Gareth Morgan as a wine-specialist

Gareth holds the Diploma (with honours) of the Wine & Spirit Education Trust (DipWSET), and until 2020 was a full member of the Association of Wine Educators which sets the highest standards for those involved in wine education.  He is also a Prud'homme of the Jurade de St ÉmilionFrance's oldest wine order – and, until he retired, was an official Burgundy Wines Educator (accredited by the Burgundy Wine Board).  He has also worked actively with wine producers in the UK.  He is co-author (with Richard Tresidder) of the book Contemporary Wine Studies: Dancing in Bacchus (Routledge 2016) that discusses the role of wine in society.

Examples of Wine-Themed Charity Events

Most of the events Gareth Morgan presents are  in response to invitations from specific charities or others organising charity events who arrange the venue, catering, etc.  However, Gareth can provide tasting glasses when needed.  Gareth can offer presentations on a wide range of wine topics: although he is interested in wines from around the world, he specialises in the key wine regions of Europe – sometimes called "the Old World".  He has a particular interest in how wines change over time – some of his presentations include older vintages which are now very rare (he can sometimes offer vertical tastings – a fascinating tasting of various vintages from the same property).  Please get in touch to discuss possibilities: for charity events he makes no charge for his time.

Alternatively, if a realistic charity donation is made, Gareth Morgan is pleased to offer a Private Wine Tasting for groups of 4-10 persons, often held in a home. On a similar basis, Gareth can also offer to act as your private sommelier, presenting the wines over the course of a meal.

Contact Details:

Dr Gareth G Morgan DipWSET
10 Kings Court, Dunbar, Scotland EH42 1ZG
Tel: 01368 864582